Tips for Prepping Your Lawn Before You Mow

Tips for Prepping Your Lawn Before You Mow

There is nothing wrong with wanting the nicest lawn on the block, but in order to have that you’re going to have to make sure that it is kept mowed.  Before you break out the mower you’re going to need to get your lawn ready to be mowed, here are some tips for prepping your lawn before you mow the grass.

Clean up the Debris from the Yard

Before you power up the lawnmower and start cutting the grass you have to get rid of any debris that is in the yard.  You need to move bigger rocks, branches and twigs first.  You need to do this for safety, lawn mower blades spin very fast and can send debris flying in every direction which could hurt someone.  At the same time you can damage your lawn mower blades if they hit something they aren’t supposed to.

Don’t Cut Wet Grass

If it has just rained or you regularly water your lawn, don’t do so before you start mowing.  Wet grass means wet soil, wet soil is soft and the weight of the lawn mower will leave dents in your sod.  Wet grass is also slippery so instead of cutting your grass the lawn mower blades just end up sliding over them instead of cutting the grass.

Don’t Let the Grass get too Long

Ideally when you mow your lawn you want the grass standing tall, so you want to mow when the grass is dry and not too long.  When grass gets too long it falls over and the blades won’t cut properly.  If you have long grass you can use a broom to pull the grass upright before you start cutting it. This will make it easier to cut and you won’t have mow several times just to get an even cut.

Make Sure Your Lawn Mower is Working Properly

So now that your lawn is ready to be cut you need to make sure that your lawn mower is ready to go.  Check and make sure that nothing is lost, the engine starts properly.  If it is a gas powered mower then make sure that you have enough gas to finish the entire lawn.  You also need to make sure that your lawn mower blades are sharp enough to cut the grass.

Lastly, if all of this seems like more work than you want to do then you can get Charlotte Lawn Mowing Service to take care of keeping your lawn pristine for you.