Basic Tips to Properly Mow Your Lawn

Basic Tips to Properly Mow Your Lawn

A beautiful lawn starts with regular mowing.  Most homeowners know this and they either mow the lawn themselves or they have someone come in once a week or so and take care of the job for them.  Even if you have a lawn mowing service to regularly look after your lawn you should know how to do it yourself as well.  Here are some basic tips to properly mow your lawn, straight from the experts.

Make a Schedule

Grass grows quickly especially if you have a great deal of rain.  Create a schedule to mow your lawn regularly to keep it healthy.  Not only will your lawn look much better but freshly cut grass helps keep critters like mice and rats away from your home.  Letting the grass grow wildly not only makes your lawn look bad, it can get you in trouble with the municipality or your homeowner’s association.

Don’t Cut Your Grass too Short

When you mow your lawn don’t cut your grass shorter than two inches, the ideal height is somewhere between two and three inches in height.  You want it short enough to look good and keep the rodents away yet long enough to provide some shade to the roots underneath.  If it is too short and the roots get exposed to sunlight you can damage your lawn.

Get a Good Lawnmower

A good lawnmower is everything so invest in a quality product.  Yes, lawnmowers can get pricey but if you buy a good quality mower then you will be able to use it for years to come.  Not only that, but a good lawnmower won’t need to be repaired all the time, saving you money.  Even a lawn care company will tell you to get your own mower even if you are have your yard looked after by a lawn service company.  A good lawnmower is a long term investment, if you have a large yard that needs mowing then invest in a sit down mower, it will save you time and a lot of work trying to mow with a traditional mower.

Lawn mowing is just one component of keeping a green healthy lawn.  You will still need to do things like fertilize, water and add seed in the spring to have that perfectly manicured lawn that you want.  You may want to get an expert lawn care company that can help you with all of it.  They can take over tasks like weeding, watering and mowing so that you can spend your time enjoying your yard rather than looking after it.

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